Onitsuka : Media influencer JP>>TH
A leading shoe brand in Japan needs to introduce its latest model. Di has combined Creative jobs with Influencers to create a trend. This uses interests in Lifestyle and Fashion, to develop widespread awareness on popular platforms like Instagram, and great PR on different platforms.
Tiktok: Online Campaign CH>>TH
An important strategy in which Youtubers are invited to create interest in the Big Mountain music festival, a very popular event to Thai teenagers. It had a great impact on Short Video Platforms like Tiktok – a highly popular application from China. As a result, Tiktok introduced this project as a case study at TechSauce Global Summit 2019.
Omi: Online Campaign CH>>TH
It was the first launch in Thailand. We were in charge of managing influencers and Youtubers to create the trend. It then became a popular application in Top Search and Top Download.