With our campaign, we need to shoot on location to find the inspiration from beekeepers and the agriculture that harmonised with the client’s principle as a business for society. As a result, we came up with the campaign called “We nurture the bees. The bees nurture us.” that can reach the hearts of their target audience, without conflicting their understanding of the brand. Instead, it elicits new knowledge about the invaluableness of honey
through life and sharing.
Wellington College: Creative VDO EN>>TH
A famous international school with a long history in the UK and several branches in different countries has came to Thailand. In order to show the identity and the charm of Wellington College as well as its curriculum that focuses on pupils’ interests, we came up with a video that is able to express the school’s heritage and its curriculum
in an English style to make it appealing.
Ballad : TH-CH Creative VDO
Quality bedding products of Thailand expanded to the Chinese market. A marketing communication strategy was executed to show the quality of Thai products that is trusted by Chinese people. By having Miss Thailand as a presenter and the communication more than just functional marketing, our communication became complete, perfectly combining
Functional, Emotional and Branding.